The Principal

Mr. Matimba Ocean

Principal’s Welcome Remarks


I welcome you to Mansa Trades Training Institute Website. This website contains information useful to Students, and the Public.

This Institute is unique in the sense that it is piloting the implementation of new education framework which has induced a two career pathways at Secondary School. For this reason we are working with Mukuba University to introduce two Diploma Programs for Secondary School Teachers in Design and Technology and Information and Communications Technology (ICT). These two programs are earmarked to start running in January 2017.

The Institute offer training programs to both preserve (School leavers) and in-service for formal and informal sectors. Our Institute is unique in the sense that it offers training for School Leavers i.e. Grade 12, 9 and 7. We offer training from trade test up to advanced Certificate Levels. The institute recently introduced a new program at Advanced Certificate level in Electrical Engineering (Electrical Technician)

In line with the 2016 – 2021 PF manifesto, the institute offers life living and survival skills to the Zambian People. Our programs are designed in line with the development agenda of Zambia. In this respect the programs on offer support Mining, Agriculture and Information Technology.

I wish to thank you for browsing through our Website and invite you to enroll with our Institute and obtain the best qualification in Zambia.